• Spiritual Reflection

    In the past we would have a Mini-retreat presented by our Chaplain, Fr. Mitchell.

    This year we will be doing things
    a wee-bit differently.

    Please see
    The Year of Saint Joseph
    "Special Programs"
    in the
    "Resources" Section 
    for a tentative run-down
    about this year's event.

  • Refund Support of Vocations (RSVP)

    To read about the program
    and our Participation for the 
    Fraternal Year 2021 to 2022, 
    Please Click here.

    Detailed information is available on
    Supreme's Site
    and on
    WA State's Site

    Comming Soon -
    I'll be inserting a link to Scanned Messages
    from our RSVP recipients!
  • Pennies For Heaven

    For at least the past eleven (11) Years* Council 894 has met the goal set by the State Council by donating at least One Thousand Dollars ($1000.00) to this cause.

    Detailed Information is found on the lower half of WA State's RSVP Page.
    Pemmies for Heaven

    *Note - After having drifted away from the knights for about twenty-eight (28) years,I reactivated my membership in December 2011. This "recent" activity on my part, is what I base this time on, - Norm Ives
  • Building the domestic Church Kiosk 

    (both English & Spanish)

    In approximately december of Fraternal Year 2018-19 we purchased our first Kiosk which we installed on the third floor of the old school, which is now the Parish Activities center.

    Ouor expectations were that RCIA and our Youth Ministries would make use of the materials.

    Later, in the second half of the same FY, we purchased two more Kiosks, one with English and the second with Spanish Materials.

    These were both "installed" in the
    Msgr. John A .Ecker Center.

    Both appear to be very popular as it has become quite the project to keep them filled.

    Humorous note:
    They both appear to have developed legs as they move from place to place within the center, however, the English Kiosk has made an excursion as far as the Cathedral Vestibule. :) 

    Update 12-01-21:
    Within the past several weeks complete sets of booklets have arrived. I am in the process of adherring our Mini return address labels to them and will soon have them in place.

    For more info you may check
    Supreme's Site, 
    The State's site.

    If you go to:
    The K of C Catholic Information Service (CIS), the Kiosk Booklets
    as well as many others can be downloaded in PDF format, some are even available as streamed or downloadable Audio Format (MP3).

    (change the Series in the upper left "window" to "DOMESTIC CHURCH SERIES" to get a list of jus the Kiosk Books)

  • Kiosk Maintenance

    As a complete set of books
    costs the Council $150.00 or $1.00 each,
    you may now participate financialy to their maintenance by donating to
    "Building the Domestic Church Kiosk"
    where you pay your dues Online.